"We used to build civilisation.
Now we build shopping malls."
"I bought nothing new and all I got was this wicked deal..."
"Friends and I did Buy Nothing New Month last October. We haven't stopped. We've saved heaps. Now it's a way of life. We swap, we share, we spend our time and money so differently now."

"We held our baby shower in October. Our invitation asked to only bring a gift if it was second hand. We received thoughtful gifts and it took the pressure off our friends to spend time and money unnecessarily."

"My birthday fell during Buy Nothing New Month, so my husband helped my Buy Nothing New Month with an antique necklace. Talk about sticking to my plegde!"

"I found a pair of designer jeans in my size at my op shop. They cost $5. I saved myself $150."

"Before Buy Nothing New Month, I'd go out and buy what I needed on the spot. Now I'm more patient. I realise if I don't need to have it right then and there, I can save loads of money. It just takes a little planning."

"I don't feel compelled to buy things for the sake of it anymore. These days I no longer shop on impulse. I only buy out of necessity, not boredom."

"I saved over $1000 during Buy Nothing New Month. There was no point stepping inside a shopping centre, so I had heaps of time for other things. I don't shop as a pastime now."

"Doing Buy Nothing New Month made me shop inside my wardrobe. I put things together in a new way, working with what I had, rather than getting a sudden hit from buying something else that in a few weeks would lose the novelty like everything else."