"If you ask me what I think people be getting
next season. I'll tell you what I'd like them to
buy - nothing I'd like people to stop buying
and buying and buying..."
2. READ one thing
Buying stuff we don’t need drains our wallets, our mental health + fuels climate change.

What a whammy.
The fab alternative is good for our health, our people, our planet + pockets.

With our financial health impacting our mental wellbeing, some call this FIRE (financial independence retire early) and do it for their pocket.

We call it Buy Nothing New and do it for our planet.

Whatever works for you, try Buy Nothing New.

The average Aussie spends $3172 a year on stuff they don’t need.

For millennials it’s around $4,311, (or roughly $300,000 over a lifetime.)

Saving money on stuff we don’t need, we’ve got money for thing we do need (like our health, homes, holidays + the happiness we get from buying “experiences” instead of “stuff”.)

Buy Nothing New Month is time to think about our “stuff”.

Do we need it?

Who made it? What were their working conditions?

When we throw it ‘away’, where is ‘away’?

What else can we do with that cash?

Get into using what you’ve got, swapping, renting, borrowing, sharing + buying second hand.

With the exception of essentials, (like food, medications, chocolate, wine, Netflix subscriptions + hygiene products) can you buy nothing new?

It’s easy to find clothes, workout kit, furniture, gifts + homewares second hand.

Online try gumtree, facebook marketplace, ebay, depop, the realreal or threadup.

In the reals, google to find the best op-shop or second hand boutique near you.

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Making zero waste, renting, sharing, swapping + shopping second hand our norm.