You’re Nearly Half Way There!

Dear Buy Nothing New Month Mates,

You’re nearly half way there!

Did you know rocker Alice Cooper bought at jacket at Salvos Stores last week? He takes his BNNM pledge seriously.

Love to hear about your experiences on the Buy Nothing New Month Facebook page. There’s a whole convo taking place there.

If you haven’t worked out your competition entry, we’ve a NEW challenge.
We know Leonardo DiCaprio is in Sydney. We know he’s into sustainability. Anyone who can get to Leonardo (legally and nicely people!) and entice him to pledge, we think that would HAVE to be a serious competition contender. Don’t you? Ready, set, GO!

If you have three minutes, check out this film out. If you’ve wondered why you’re doing Buy Nothing New Month, this might remind you you’re part of something big and that what you’re doing really counts.

Around the World in 80 Dumps: Small Steps Project from Amy Hanson on Vimeo.

Now, nothing to do with Buy Nothing New Month, but here at headquarters, we are LOVING this song.

Emma Louise, you have one incredible voice!

Keep it up,
The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

PS: If you’re looking for super second hand books, at during Buy Nothing New Month, shipping is FREE!

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