Well You’re Done

Buy Nothing New Month is over for another year.

Thanks for pledging! How did you go?

We hope you enjoyed taking a little time out to rethink how we buy, what and why.

We hope you personally loved a little more, shopped a little less for unnecessary stuff, had a bit more ‘you time’, got some of the feel good factor and maybe have even a little more cash in the bank than usual.

If you went out and spent loads o’ dough on second hand goods, services or entertainment (like movies, experiences, massages or a baby sitter so you could have a rockin’ night out on the town) instead of stuff – that’s a ripping good start to seeing there’s more to life than shopping (not to say we don’t love some of the super sustainable goods out there. You guys know the drill, it’s not about Buy Nothing New Never!)

But, wait. There’s more.

We’re hoping you know that if you really want to live more and shop less, you really can keep this little experiment going as much as you want.

It’s all really up to you.

If you need a little more inspiration, check this out if you haven’t seen it on our FB or tweets.


With loads of respect for what you’ve just done,
The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

PS: See you in October 2012

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