Welcome to the New You

It’s Buy Nothing New Month again.

Congratulations on signing up to LIVING more, shopping less.

You’re part of the global movement of people experiencing the joy of more freedom, more contentedness, more happiness, less stuff, less stress.

And it’s easy. This month, with the exception of essentials (food, hygiene and medicine) all you do, is BUY NOTHING NEW!

NB: Buy Nothing New Month is a conscious, thoughtful approach to buying less, buying well made, buying stuff that’s built to last, rather than cheap, fast throwaway fashion, or stuff that’s make to break (bloody planned obsolescence) headed for landfill. (Remember, new doesn’t equal bad.)

This month you’ll learn to shop less and source whatever you need second hand. So find the best op-shop in town (many are rubbish, so you do need to do your research) or get into online marketplaces for second hand stuff (eBay, Gumtree etc)

You got this.

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