Wash less. (Covid showed us how) Wash better. Air Dry.

To make the clothes we love last longer, wash them less.

Levi’s CEO famously instructed us all back in 2014 not to wash our jean AT ALL.

Choose better quality fabrics.

Wool readily absorbs moisture (up to 35% its own weight) this keeps us out of the sweaty-betty range and discourages bacterial growth.

Wool fibre captures odours within the fibre, where bacteria (which causes the smell) cant thrive.

Keeping our stuff fresher, longer, means less washing thus lasting longer.

We air dry our clothes with one of those hangy from the ceiling things in winter and on a outside line in summer. This slashes our energy bill and is waaay more gentle on our clothes.

There are also washing machines that are more gentle on your clothes.

Treat it better, it lasts longer.


The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

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