The Circular and Doughnut Economy

A circular economy designs out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use (circular) and regenerating natural systems.

In the circular economy we are working towards, reuse and regeneration are key.

In our current system of turning natural wealth into cash, where 91% of plastic waste produced never gets recycled, waste is almost unavoidable…

We’re excited about the circular economy and Doughnut Economics (Kate Raworth of Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute) and the better future they’re mapping out.

Our current economies need to grow, whether or not they make us thrive.

Doughnut economics shows how countries, cities, people and out planet can thrive without the endless need for growth.

Amsterdam is engaging Doughnut Economics to carve their path out of the Covid pandemic.

Every time we refuse stuff we don’t need, be it clothes, stuff we can buy second hand, packaging etc we are part of re-building a better world.

Thanks for laying good tracks.


The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

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