Every year we suggest you guys learn to sew.

Be honest.
Did anyone do it?

It is such an easy way to get into second hand stuff.

Get a second hand sewing machine.
Or borrow one.

It’s fun, it will save you loads of money and is like a mindful activity (like those corporate colouring in books).

Oversized or undersized clothing from the op-shop can be easily taken out or taken in. (hello, GOOGLE, youtube for a lifetime of ‘how to’ videos’)

If you’re not that adventurous or lack time, take an armload of out-dated clothes to your local seamstress and work through options together to taken them in/out, up/down to refresh the look, saving you time, money and your kit from wardrobe oblivion.

That’s why buying good quality instead of cheap fast throwaway is great.

Good quality can always be altered into something else.

Cheap fabric, not so much.

Buy Less, Choose Well and Make It Last.” – Vivienne Westwood

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

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