#payup ya’ mongrels

We try to keep it light.

Sometimes we’re even very, very funny.

Othertimes, there is no sugar coating the s*itstorm of inequality in the cheap fast-fashion industry.

Fast fashion inst just the second biggest polluter in the world, it also uses the cheap and slave-labour of the poor, to make the rich richer.

At the start of Covid, some of the world’s biggest fast fashion brands were refusing to honor their financial obligations to Bangladeshi factories for orders that were completed, but couldn’t ship due to the virus.

Some of the richest in the world were forcing the poorest in the world to wear what should have been their financial burden. Unfair much?

Enter the power of the hashtag.

Advocacy nonprofit group Remake created #PayUp campaign exposing the brands cancelling and or not paying for their orders, leaving a pile of crap clothes and financial devastation for the Bangladeshi workers who had already fulfilled their side of the deal.

#payup saw billions owed being rightly paid to the Bangladeshi workers.

Remake’s ongoing mission is to see the fashion industry commit to liveable wages and social protections for garment makers so that mostly (young) women who make our clothes get paid fairly for their valuable work.

How we can create a fair world:

1: Understanding people that make cheap fast fashion are usually working in unsafe conditions and getting ripped off so we can have ten cheap t-shirts in all different colours.

2: Do a little research and buy from companies with ethical supply chains.

3: Buy second hand first at charities everywhere possible. This helps charities help those who need support.

4: Always take the option to spend cash where it helps, not harms and think about the impact of our spending.


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