#payup ya’ mongrels

We try to keep it light.

Sometimes we’re even very, very funny.

Othertimes, there is no sugar coating the s*itstorm of inequality in the cheap fast-fashion industry.

Fast fashion inst just the second biggest polluter in the world, it also uses the cheap and slave-labour of the poor, to make the rich richer.

At the start of Covid, some of the world’s biggest fast fashion brands were refusing to honor their financial obligations to Bangladeshi factories for orders that were completed, but couldn’t ship due to the virus.

Some of the richest in the world were forcing the poorest in the world to wear what should have been their financial burden. Unfair much?

Enter the power of the hashtag.

Advocacy nonprofit group Remake created #PayUp campaign exposing the brands cancelling and or not paying for their orders, leaving a pile of crap clothes and financial devastation for the Bangladeshi workers who had already fulfilled their side of the deal.

#payup saw billions owed being rightly paid to the Bangladeshi workers.

Remake’s ongoing mission is to see the fashion industry commit to liveable wages and social protections for garment makers so that mostly (young) women who make our clothes get paid fairly for their valuable work.

How we can create a fair world:

1: Understanding people that make cheap fast fashion are usually working in unsafe conditions and getting ripped off so we can have ten cheap t-shirts in all different colours.

2: Do a little research and buy from companies with ethical supply chains.

3: Buy second hand first at charities everywhere possible. This helps charities help those who need support.

4: Always take the option to spend cash where it helps, not harms and think about the impact of our spending.


The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

Lizzie is The New Joneses. Are you?

We love seeing Buy Nothing New Month stories in the media.

Check out this super fabulous professional photographer, surfer and mum of three talking about the joy of her Buy Nothing New Month LIFE!



Who are The New Joneses?

You are.

The New Joneses are those people everywhere walking towards the better life of living it up, not keeping up. Doing more with less. Simplifying. Downsizing their debts and upsizing their life experiences.

For The New Joneses, Buy Nothing New Month is a way of life.

Check em out here:


The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

Buy Nothing New Month in a Covid world

Covid has left us grieving for elements of our old world.

Whilst we’re fearful, we’re also hopeful for the new world we have the chance to create.

2020 is Buy Nothing New Month’s tenth anniversary.

For a decade we’ve been talking about a world without waste; Eliminating mindless consumption; Creating a beautiful, safe, fair world for all.

It’s been hard explaining that our stuff is finite, that we’re consuming too much, when our shelves are always stocked and we can always get too much of anything we want.

2020 changed all that.

Covid has shown we can change overnight.

Climate Change tells us we must.

Buy Nothing New Month reminds us that giving up thoughtless, wasteful consumption is one of the biggest positive impacts we can have whilst getting so much more in return.

More time, more appreciation of what we have, more money in our pockets, less of that ‘keeping up with the joneses’ status anxiety.

For us, the biggest benefit in refusing, reducing, reusing, revamping, re-wearing is helping restore and repair our world. It’s the only one we’ve got.

Thanks for being part of this.

Help double our crew, and forward this to a mate.

Invite them on our journey of regeneration, repair, restoration as we create the better world we all know is possible.

Newbies pledge here: JOIN OUR TRIBE!

It’s free.

You’ll get heaps more than you think you’re giving up.

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

That’s it!

That’s it!

Collectively, our thoughts and actions are contributing to the growing global groundswell choosing citizenship over consumerism.

Keep living it up, with your lighter footprint.

Remember, Buy Nothing New Month is just the start.

Just keep going.

What can you do next?

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” – Arundhati Roy

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew


Every year we suggest you guys learn to sew.

Be honest.
Did anyone do it?

It is such an easy way to get into second hand stuff.

Get a second hand sewing machine.
Or borrow one.

It’s fun, it will save you loads of money and is like a mindful activity (like those corporate colouring in books).

Oversized or undersized clothing from the op-shop can be easily taken out or taken in. (hello, GOOGLE, youtube for a lifetime of ‘how to’ videos’)

If you’re not that adventurous or lack time, take an armload of out-dated clothes to your local seamstress and work through options together to taken them in/out, up/down to refresh the look, saving you time, money and your kit from wardrobe oblivion.

That’s why buying good quality instead of cheap fast throwaway is great.

Good quality can always be altered into something else.

Cheap fabric, not so much.

Buy Less, Choose Well and Make It Last.” – Vivienne Westwood

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

Fresh eyes on old stuff

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

We’ve all got stuff in our wardrobe we never wear.

Sometimes it just takes looking at the same thing with different eyes.

Try taking one item out of your wardrobe and commit to wearing it the next day.

The night before, hang it up on the wardrobe door, ready for its big outing. “we’re gonna be great together” you can whisper to it before you go to bed…

In the morning, mix it up with stuff you’ve never worn it with before.

This can help give new life to forgotten stuff.

They say we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time.

Then we go shopping.


P.S. Drew Barrymore once wore a $25 op-shop dress on the red carpet.

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew


From op-shops to high end consignment, eBay, vintage stores, garage sales to swap parties nearly everything we need is available second hand.

We even get out electronics like laptops, iPhones and smart TVs second hand.

Done right, second hand is a smart default.

Email four mates now.

Set a date, buy a bottle of bubbles (it’s Buy Nothing New Month, not FebFast…) and get together.

Everyone brings 3 things (or more) from their home or wardrobe they no longer want/need.


See. Easy.

Not new, but new to you.

How to Buy Nothing New:

“I get highs, to be totally honest, in second-hand shops. My hunting instinct, I expect, really kicks in.” – Bjork

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew



The New Joneses is a little house with a big message.

As a Buy Nothing New Month challenger, you are THE NEW JONESES.

You know the phrase ‘keeping up with the joneses’?

It’s a stupid, outdated consumer treadmill of ‘keeping up’ with the neighbours.

Like when the new iphone comes out.

And you feel the need to upgrade your perfectly good, existing iPhone…

Everything we do has an impact, so THE NEW JONESES show some easy everyday habits we can all make that are good for our people and planet.

Our choice of bank, our energy company, the dunny paper we buy. It all has an impact. The New Joneses show how to lighten our impact and make it positive.

Go to thenewjoneses.com to see what they’re up to.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew



Simply put. We’re using too much stuff.

We found looking into the ethics and supply chain of everything seemed overwhelming…

For us, the easiest way for us to buy in line with our values was to simplify, to buy less of everything and buy everything we can second hand.

Extending the life of existing goods (buying second, up-cycling, re-cycling, sharing, swapping etc) maximises the energy and finite resources that goes into our stuff while keeping it from landfill.

We buy nothing new because we want to be part of the solution.

Not the pollution.

What about you?

“The world is changed by your example. Not by your opinion” – Paulo Coelho

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

Rethink. Question Everything

Rethink. Question Everything:

Why am I shopping?
How do I feel?
Do I need this?
How will I pay for it?
Where will I put it?
Who made it?
What were their working conditions?
What do I have that can fill this purpose?
Can I borrow it, swap to get it, or get it second hand?
What will I have to get rid of to make room for this?
What will happen if I don’t buy this?
What else could I do with this money?
Did I remember to wear deodorant today?

“The most environmentally friendly product is the one you didn’t buy.” – Joshua Becker

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew