What about an experience people?

But it’s my boyfriend/wife/boss/dog’s birthday!

What about an experience people?

We’d rather an awesome experience like an outdoor adventure, a gym membership, tickets to The Wiggles (or not) over a soap-on-a-rope any day.

Plus, if you really want to give someone another ‘thing’ second hand does not mean second best. Antique jewellery anyone?

We’d love you to post on our Facebook the best ideas for giving an experience over ‘stuff’.

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

Buy Nothing New Month – October 2012

Welcome to Buy Nothing New Month!

It’s that time again.

This year, welcome to the Dutchies who have launched BNNM locally, and our mates in the USA who are gearing up to launch BNNM in the States.

We were wrapped last year to have people pledging from all over the globe, from Spain, Portugal, South Africa…

We hope you have a blast, that you make mates with neighbours (a lot can happen when you knock on the door and ask to borrow a drill…) that you look at your existing stuff differently and that you get out there and spend time with your mates and family instead spending money on stuff you don’t really need. Continue reading “Buy Nothing New Month – October 2012”

Well You’re Done

Buy Nothing New Month is over for another year.

Thanks for pledging! How did you go?

We hope you enjoyed taking a little time out to rethink how we buy, what and why.

We hope you personally loved a little more, shopped a little less for unnecessary stuff, had a bit more ‘you time’, got some of the feel good factor and maybe have even a little more cash in the bank than usual. Continue reading “Well You’re Done”

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

We’re nearly at the end of Buy Nothing New Month.
Did you know that at the start, Fairfax ran a poll in their Business section about Buy Nothing New Month? They asked what people thought of Buy Nothing New Month. Over 10,000 people responded. 82% said it was a good thing, they’d give it a go.

We hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves and we’d love to hear any ideas you’ve had for next year on how the pledging community can get more out of the experience. Your thoughts and input are valuable. Tell us your highs and lows, we’d love to hear ’em. Continue reading “Happy Wednesday”

Buy Nothing New Month – October 2011

Buy Nothing New Month Pledgers – Start your engines – October 1st is when we kick off!

Get ready for a month of challenges, fun, money saving, human connections, creativity, resourcefulness and that full-on FEEL GOOD FACTOR.

By taking part in Buy Nothing New Month, you’re stepping up to the plate with a whole host of humans saying ‘this hyper consumption thing aint working. Why don’t we try something a little different…’ Continue reading “Buy Nothing New Month – October 2011”