Need that? No, you probably don’t.

We’ve made ‘Do I really need this?’ one of the biggest questions we ask ourselves.

Pretty much every dust gatherer or closet-clutterer we own took finite resources, fossil fuels, water and most-likely slave-labour to find its way into our homes.

Impulse shopping has little to do with actual needs.

It’s often to fill an emotional void or boredom.

Ever notice that dress that was going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, didn’t?

This month is a time to pursue healthier ways to fill a need or your time. Read a book, catch up with a mate, take a walk, (or take a nap for goodness sake!) make something…

To be honest, that ‘to-die-for’ outfit probably doesn’t look that great away from the ‘skinny-mirror’ and flattering lighting of the shop. And it definitely wont come around with a bottle of wine on Friday night or take your call when you’re feeling low.

Take this month to identify the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. There is a big difference.

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

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