FBMP compulsion bordering on addiction

If you haven’t gotten into FBMP (Facebook Market Place) WHOOOAH.

Get ready for a new, reasonably healthy addiction.

To escape Covid dark times, we would disappear into FBMP looking for free plants, cheap plants anything within 5kms. (For those outside of Melb or Victoria, for what seems like 40 years, we’ve been confined to moving within 5kms of home.)

But FBMP is like the best department store of plants, garden furniture, clothes, household stuff.

With the charity stores being closed to Covid, FBMP has fed our need for a fix.

The massive online market for second hand stuff gives every reason to put second hand first.

eBay is our favourite for top quality clothing. But there’s Depop, vestiairecollective The Real Real.

Here’s a pretty good run down.



The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

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