Ep#6 Jane Caro AM says “EDUCATE GIRLS”

If you do ONE THING, make THIS IT!

Supporting girls’ education through non-profit organisations like Plan International: the charity for girls’ equality, is one of the simplest, most overlooked paths to mitigating the climate crisis.

All over the world, girls are leading sustainable farming revolutions.

They’re leading growth in green industries.

They’re leading activism and political change.

From changing their families’ actions to demanding progress on the global stage, girls are at the forefront of the climate revolution.

Girls have the power to transform economies, societies and the planet. But they need education to do it.

By investing in girls’ education, we can unlock girls’ creativity, power, resilience and leadership.

Today’s girls are tomorrow’s leaders, scientists, campaigners and politicians. Educated girls will change the world!

Support Plan International today: plan.org.au

Watch the series. Join the movement. Do the stuff!

Because… champions… there’s no place like home and there’s no Planet B.

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