Ep#5 James Allston says “CHOOSE RENEWABLES”


Slatts drove his 100% electric Nissan LEAF through pristine Tassie to visit James and Georgia in their all-electric (no gas) home in Hobart TASMANIA on Nipaluna Country.

Tassie is 100% powered by renewable energy. Go Tassie!

An all-electric home uses electricity (no gas) for heating, cooling + cooking.


We cant all go all-electric with our cars and or homes.

We can switch to an energy company supporting renewables.

The New Joneses are with Momentum Energy (100% owned by Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest renewable energy generator).

Whichever power company you pick, the energy you get is identical.

Choose one that champions renewables + help support our clean energy future.

Switch today.
Call: 1800-627-228

Throughout our journey, Slatts’ 100% electric Nissan LEAF contributed zero tailpipe emissions to our air. Our drive was smart, safe, comfy + fun.


We plotted and charged our 100% electric Nissan LEAF using JET Charge infrastructure and associated apps. So. Much. Fun.

At James + Georgia’s, their JET Charge home-charger powered us up again, a bit like charging your mobile phone.


Watch the series. Join the movement. Do the stuff!

Because… champions… there’s no place like home and there’s no Planet B.

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