Ep#4 Farmer Sam Walker says “PLANT A TREE”

Support regenerative farmers

We visit Sam, a REGENERATIVE FARMER in Glen Alvie South Gippsland Farm, VIC On Bunurong and Gunaikurnai Country

Regenerative Farmers are reducing climate change by improving soil health.

Healthier soils draw more carbon out of the atmosphere.

Regenerative farmers are improving our soils by;

1/ Planting trees
2/ Grazing some cattle
3/ Eliminating fertilizers and chemicals.


We can’t all plant 30,000 trees like Farmer Sam.

We can ALL plant ONE.

In your garden.

On your window sill.

At grandma’s.

At school.

At the office.

Wherever possible.

Plant a Tree.

Watch the series. Join the movement. Do the stuff!

Because… champions… there’s no place like home and there’s no Planet B.

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