Ep#16 Dr. Chrisanta Muli says EDUCATE GIRLS

Educating girls is one of the most powerful, yet overlooked, tools we have against climate change.

If you do ONE THING, make this it!

For the cost of a coffee a day, you can support one girl’s education.

Supporting girls’ education through non-profit organisations like One Girl is one of the simplest and most effective solutions to the climate crisis.

How does educating girls help reduce the impacts of climate change?

By investing in girls’ education, we unlock their creativity, power, resilience and leadership.

Educated girls stay in school longer, marry later and ensure their girls are educated too.

Educated girls are empowered to make better choices for themselves and their communities.

Educated girls are changing the world.

Today’s girls are tomorrow’s mothers, leaders, scientists, campaigners and politicians.

Educating girls brings 132 million (currently excluded) people to the table to actively participate in climate solutions.

Educated girls are transforming economies, societies and the planet.

Join the climate change movement by educating a girl.

Got Netflix, Amazon Prime, Stan, Binge, Disney AND AppleTv?

Why not cancel one and support OneGirl instead?


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