Ep#11 Katy Barfield says ELIMINATE FOOD WASTE

Aussies currently throw out one in five bags of groceries ($2,000 to $2,500 per household) every year.

Food scraps in the bin to landfill create methane – a toxic gas 20x worse than the emissions from our cars.

We gotta keep food scraps from the bin and get them back into the soil.

This makes healthy soils to grow more stuff. Plus, healthy soil draws more carbon out of the atmosphere. This we need to do pronto!

Shop to a list.
Get a kitchen caddy (any old container will do).
Get a worm farm (we dig www.wormlovers.com.au).
Get a compost bin.
Get some chickens.
Learn the difference between ‘best before’ + ‘used by’.

Got a blender?
Wizz scraps with water for a disgusting ‘sludge smoothie’ + dig it back into the soil.
Got a dog like Katy does?
Feed them the leftovers.

No garden?
Live in an apartment?
Google to find out your local council options for organic waste.
Give your scraps to neighbours, friends or family who can get those nutrients back into the soil where they belong.

Do everything you can to keep food scraps from the bin + get that stuff back into the soil.

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