Sew cool (with a body positivity hit)

A great way to buy nothing new and make loved clothes last, is with a sewing machine.

Borrowed or bought second hand, a sewing machine breathes new life into old clothes.

Cut a dress in half to make a top and a skirt.

Patch your jeans so they go further.

Good quality clothes at the op shop can be easily taken in or out.

Little imperfections can be patched over into eye catching features.

Another benefit, is you can make or mend your clothes to fit you not the standard from the rack.

This can completely change the way we feel about our bodies. When our clothes fit us. Not some number on a tag.

It also means after weight gain or weight loss you can modify your wardrobe rather than need to get more clothes to fit the bigger or smaller you.

Knowing your way around a sewing machine will save you so much time and money in recreating lit new looks from your existing wardrobe.

No interest in sewing? Get friendly with your local tailor or seamstress. It’s an awesome way to support your local community.


The Buy Nothing New Month Crew


From op-shops to high end consignment, eBay, vintage stores, garage sales to swap parties nearly everything we need is available second hand.

We even get out electronics like laptops, iPhones and smart TVs second hand.

Done right, second hand is a smart default.

Email four mates now.

Set a date, buy a bottle of bubbles (it’s Buy Nothing New Month, not FebFast…) and get together.

Everyone brings 3 things (or more) from their home or wardrobe they no longer want/need.


See. Easy.

Not new, but new to you.

How to Buy Nothing New:

“I get highs, to be totally honest, in second-hand shops. My hunting instinct, I expect, really kicks in.” – Bjork

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew



Simply put. We’re using too much stuff.

We found looking into the ethics and supply chain of everything seemed overwhelming…

For us, the easiest way for us to buy in line with our values was to simplify, to buy less of everything and buy everything we can second hand.

Extending the life of existing goods (buying second, up-cycling, re-cycling, sharing, swapping etc) maximises the energy and finite resources that goes into our stuff while keeping it from landfill.

We buy nothing new because we want to be part of the solution.

Not the pollution.

What about you?

“The world is changed by your example. Not by your opinion” – Paulo Coelho

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

The True Cost

All the clutter in our homes, wardrobes, kids toy chests USED TO BE MONEY.

Money you could use for a house deposit, a holiday, a course. Anytime you go to buy something, think ‘what else could I do with this money?’

Check out or for great tips on how to turn little bits of money into big bits of money that can be used to buy the things that really matter.

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew