Buy Nothing New Month – October 2011

Buy Nothing New Month Pledgers – Start your engines – October 1st is when we kick off!

Get ready for a month of challenges, fun, money saving, human connections, creativity, resourcefulness and that full-on FEEL GOOD FACTOR.

By taking part in Buy Nothing New Month, you’re stepping up to the plate with a whole host of humans saying ‘this hyper consumption thing aint working. Why don’t we try something a little different…’

We would love you to get active on the Facebook page with your fellow pledgers to share the triumphs and tribulations.

This whole dang thing is pretty simple really.

Get all your essentials per usual – this includes your fancy foods (and booze if you count that as an essential) medications, hygiene products etc.

When it comes to all the other ‘stuff’. Step back and think ‘Do I need it?’ if the answer is yes – go out and source it second hand. You just cant buy anything NEW.

But that doesn’t mean if it’s your birthday you’re going without. Antique jewellery anyone? There is a whole treasure chest of second hand stuff out there. Get into it.

And don’t forget there is a cash prize of $5k for the best Buy Nothing New Month entry too.

We cant wait to hear how you’re going on the Facebook page, through your tweets and those of you who have gone to the media to promote your own Buy Nothing New Month events and efforts.

Have a blast!

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

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