Buy Nothing New Month in a Covid world

Covid has left us grieving for elements of our old world.

Whilst we’re fearful, we’re also hopeful for the new world we have the chance to create.

2020 is Buy Nothing New Month’s tenth anniversary.

For a decade we’ve been talking about a world without waste; Eliminating mindless consumption; Creating a beautiful, safe, fair world for all.

It’s been hard explaining that our stuff is finite, that we’re consuming too much, when our shelves are always stocked and we can always get too much of anything we want.

2020 changed all that.

Covid has shown we can change overnight.

Climate Change tells us we must.

Buy Nothing New Month reminds us that giving up thoughtless, wasteful consumption is one of the biggest positive impacts we can have whilst getting so much more in return.

More time, more appreciation of what we have, more money in our pockets, less of that ‘keeping up with the joneses’ status anxiety.

For us, the biggest benefit in refusing, reducing, reusing, revamping, re-wearing is helping restore and repair our world. It’s the only one we’ve got.

Thanks for being part of this.

Help double our crew, and forward this to a mate.

Invite them on our journey of regeneration, repair, restoration as we create the better world we all know is possible.

Newbies pledge here: JOIN OUR TRIBE!

It’s free.

You’ll get heaps more than you think you’re giving up.

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

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