“Are you still doing buy nothing new month?”…they ask us…

Yes. We are.

Nearly 20 years later.

We officially started Buy Nothing New Month in 2010 after going to Antarctica to learn about climate change, but only after more than ten years of buying nothing new ourselves.


It started in London circa 1997.

A champagne girl on a beer budget, I had to look smart for a swanky job, but couldn’t afford to. Hello op-shops.

Back then, it was all about the bank balance.

Cut to over 20 years later, now, for me, it’s all about the eco-balance.

We’re consuming more than our living-planet can replenish.

Every time I spend my money, I aim to vote for the beautiful, thoughtful waste-free world I want to live in.

In the beginning I got a bit overwhelmed.

Do I buy locally made? Organic cotton? Fairtrade Hemp? Is any of that going to gimme street cred?

Buying second hand simplified everything for me. And I could still wear brands and styles I loved.

What is Buy Nothing New Month about for you?

For this lovely human, joining the Buy Nothing New Month revolution was life changing…

Buy Nothing New Month

We’d love to hear about your experience, anytime.

Share this with a mate to get them on board.

Tell your friends and family what you’re doing.

Be the change.

Thanks for joining us.

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” Marshall McLuhan

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

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