A Covid word from Georgio Armani

Dear Tribe, can we blame Covid for us sending the wrong email just now?

Oh how nice to go back to 2016…like a time machine…what would we do differently?

For the Victorians, WELL DONE! We’re at 2 new Covid cases.

Happy Friday.

And now for the right email…

With Italy’s Covid shutdown providing time to rethink and reset, fashion icon Giorgio Armani Says Fashion Needs To “Do Less And Do It Better” and stop “churning out far too much ill-conceived product that nobody needs.”

“No more winter overcoats being offered in July, or linen dresses in January. Let’s get back in step with nature.”

We really love the bit about “…let’s get back in step with nature…”

Nice one Giorgio.


The Buy Nothing New Month Crew

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