Want to know the mood of the muppets on climate change?

Randy tells it straight.

He wonders how we got so disconnected from nature, the plants, animals + planet which we are part of.

This bird watcher, plant, planet + animal lover wants us to protect plants + animals in their homes by changing how we live in ours.

He wants us to get off gas, go all-electric + support renewables.

Electrifying everything (our cars and homes) and powering from renewables is the fastest way we can decarbonize, save money + the future of our people + planet.

What’s wrong with gas?
Gas is a dirty, polluting fossil fuel.
Any fuel we burn pollutes our air, harming us, our environment, the plants + animals.

Getting off gas is big part of our renewable energy transition.

How to go all-electric?
Go solar.
(Rooftop solar is cheaper than grid electricity.)

Swap gas stove for induction.
(electric cooking is cheaper + removes harmful gas stove pollutants from the air that can cause respiratory illness.)

Swap gas hot water for heat pumps
(heat pumps use 1/3 to 1/4 the energy to heat the same thing with fossil fuels)

Choose reverse cycle aircon to heat + cool.
So energy efficient. Cool cool cool.

Insulate. Retro fit to plug draughts. Double glaze.
With these improvements we require less energy to cook, heat + cool our homes.

Check out what these totes brainiacs have to say on the all-electric revolution:

Questions about electrifying your world? This FB group has the answers.


‘Biodiversity’ is the variety of creatures – from the biggest (like whales), to the smallest (like bacteria in soil) + their essential, inter-connected role, making life on earth possible.

A healthy biodiversity is essential for our mental and physical health. Doctors even prescribe “time in nature” for conditions like high blood pressure, anxiety and depression.

A healthy biodiversity provides clean air + water, healthy plants + soil required to grow the food we eat.

It also regulates the climate. A healthy biodiversity (like varied birdsong) can increase life satisfaction as much as an income increase! *

Messing with biodiversity messes with all life on earth.

Every little bit is important.

Native plants are the life support system for the biodiversity that supports our life on earth.

So how do we nurture biodiversity?

1: Notice nature everyday
Notice nature nearby. Like the purple bush outside your window…that’s home to the bees, that pollinate the flowers, that produce the seeds, to plant the tree, to feed the people…

Once we notice it, we’re more likely to nurture it.

2: Give a Native Plant.
Avoid the plastic, wrapping + waste of other gifts.

For birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, give something that heals rather than harms!

Google “native nursery near me” + ask for local natives, indigenous to your area.

Natives save time, money + resources.(they need little maintenance, pesticides, or water.)

3: Go wild! Build up biodiversity in our homes, backyards and balconies:

– Provide nest boxes or water bowls for thirsty birds;

– Host an ‘air bee n bee’ for bees to shelter in;

– Plant local native grasses or flowering shrubs, providing a sanctuary for ‘the little things’;

– Keep cats inside making tiktok videos, instead of outside terrorizing local wildlife;

– Leave old stumps, trees and logs (providing wildlife a place to nest, rest, eat and grow);

– Share your biodiversity wins on the socials. What wildlife has paid you a visit?

Google “Gardens for Wildlife” in your local council area for more tips.

See Zena’s exhibition Emu Sky at Melb Uni Old Quad until July 30, 2022.

Ep#13 Linh Do says GET INVOLVED

From the ancient Greek meaning ‘affairs of the city’, politics, is basically, getting involved in how our world works.

Yet, loads of us say “I’m just not into politics.””

Getting involved (or ‘politics’) = using your voice to build a better world.

You can get involved in ‘politics’ without fighting your Uncle at Christmas.

Linh’s been getting involved (or politicking, without being a politician) for more than half her life!

She wants you to get involved too.

There are loads of ways to do this.

Get informed.
Find out who is your local representative.
What are they doing about climate change?
Call them.
Email them.
Let them know what you think.

The politicians are our representatives.
How are they representing you + the things you love?
Not knowing this, is like outsourcing your life to someone you know nothing about.

We vote for politicians to make decisions for us.
Let them know you want action on climate change.

Attend a rally.
Do something to improve your community, your apartment block, your school or work place.