How are you doin?

Peeps reach out every year and ask “are you still doing Buy Nothing New Month?”

The answer:

We do Buy Nothing New LIFE.

This really is possible.

It’s even easy.

It saves us loads of cash, reduces our impact on our beautiful planet and keeps stuff from landfill and circulating.

From laptops, to mobiles, to bathers, kitchenware, beautiful gifts, shoes, (yes – bras and undies if they have the tags on…) for more than a decade, we have bought nothing new.

Check out our blog for so much we’ve said over the years here:

For a deeper dive, watch this ABC Foreign Correspondence piece for the awful reality of where our cheap fast fashion ends up and why in Ghana they call it “obroni wawu” – dead white man’s clothes.

Watch Now

Help us spread the message of a beautiful world without waste.

  1. Talk about Buy Nothing New movement with your mates.
  2. When lockdowns lift, have a swap party! (Remember it’s Buy Nothing New Month, not DryJuly…)
  3. Commit to an “experiences only” or “secondhand first” pressie policy this Christmas.
  4. Take Buy Nothing New Month beyond the month. Choose second-hand first.

As we near Glasgow COP 2021 (the climate change conference), governments around the world wrangle with how we protect our people and planet by reducing our harmful impact on our climate.

Getting on board the circular economy of the beautiful future is one of the biggest, most positive and impactful things you can do everyday.

If you’ve just got on board, WELCOME!

If you’ve been with us for years, we love having you.

Keep on buying nothing new.


The Buy Nothing New Month Crew