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The New Joneses


Self educate to Heal Country

Land of the Kulin Nations.

Neville wants us to Heal Country.


Seek out Indigenous wisdom + knowledge.

Connect to country.

Look for nature in your everyday.

Get googling – Find out who are the traditional owners of the Land you live on.

We can go further, find their local co-op and connect with them.

Or get to Museums and cultural centres to learn about Indigenous culture, history and wisdom.

Watch the series. Join the movement. Do the stuff!

Because… champions… there’s no place like home and there’s no Planet B.

Ep#8 Tish King says “AVOID PACKAGING”

Buy less. Buy Long Lasting. Buy reusable + refillable. Avoid packaging.

Taking tonnes of energy to source, create, transport, store and discard, our ‘stuff’ (from food, to clothes to coffee cups) contributes to climate change (+ pollutes our air + waters).

We visit proud Torres Straight Island woman and zero-waste hero Tish King at Merri Creek, Brunswick Victoria, Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country.

We cant recycle our way out of this mess.

We can stop creating waste in the first place.


1/ Everywhere possible, avoid packaging.

– Purchase durable, reusable products.

– Avoid disposables, takeaway and single use packaging.

– Swap plastic for a bamboo or wooden toothbrush.

– Take containers to your local bulk foods store.

– Go where you can get loose un-packaged groceries (markets).

2/ Try a TRASH AUDIT + Choose Better:

– Look at your bin at the end of the week.

– What do you throw out?

– What are the package-free or better packaged alternatives?

ecostore plastic bottles contain a mix of Sugar Plastic – (a renewable, recyclable plastic that captures CO2 as it grows) and locally sourced recycled plastic (from New Zealand milk bottles).

ecostore packaging uses less energy and resources and reduces the amount of plastic in our environment.

Because recycling is good, but refilling is better, ecostore has over 80 refill locations around NZ and recently launched their first in-supermarket refill station in Australia.

More coming to a store near you.


3/ #Rent, #share, #choosesecondhandfirst #gocircular

Shop at Vinnies Vic (not just during Buy Nothing New Month!) Buying second hand or donating to Vinnies Vic, you’re helping build our new, ‘circular economy’ where nothing is wasted + all stuff gets a second-life.



Check your council website on how to ‘recycle right’ in your area.

Watch the series. Join the movement. Do the stuff!

Because… champions… there’s no place like home and there’s no Planet B.