Buy Nothing New Month – October 2014

Buy Nothing New Month 2014

Ready for a potentially life changing challenge?

We reckon you’ll have fun, save some money (think ‘do I really need it?’);
make some mates (‘hey neighbour, can I borrow your drill?’), create some stuff (hmmmm, YouTube can I turn that ‘old’ dress into a ‘new’ top?),
flex your ‘resource muscle’ (can I make do with something I’ve got?) and develop an understanding of where our stuff comes from, where it goes, who made it, what where their working conditions and some alternatives that are better for us, our wallets, our people and our planet.

You’re part of a growing global movement embracing ‘new consumption’ avoiding wasteful consumption and extending the life of existing stuff.

Please send to friends you’d like to join on the way.

Shoot us a line anytime at