Tell Us About It.

How was Buy Nothing New Month for you? We would love to hear about the swap parties you held, the resources you used to get through, what you learnt and what the experience meant to you.

We would also love to hear about great second hand stores in your area, from fantastic furniture, to second hand clothing retailers.

Did you spend more money on experiences this month? If so, what did you do? Shout out on the Facebook page, and let the world know of how awesome it can be to buy experiences over stuff.

Keep in touch and we hope that taking part in Buy Nothing New Month has shown you are not your skinny jeans, or stove pipes, or flares or whatever is fash right now.

Someone else said it better than us, but fashion comes and goes, style lasts forever.

Got any great quotes that relate to changing how we consume? Send them in, or paste them up to Facebook.

Get out there and live it up. Good on you for taking the pledge and we hope you have experienced the joys of living more and shopping less.

Bye bye for another year,

The Buy Nothing New Month Crew