Well You’re Done

Buy Nothing New Month is over for another year.

Thanks for pledging! How did you go?

We hope you enjoyed taking a little time out to rethink how we buy, what and why.

We hope you personally loved a little more, shopped a little less for unnecessary stuff, had a bit more ‘you time’, got some of the feel good factor and maybe have even a little more cash in the bank than usual. Continue reading “Well You’re Done”

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

We’re nearly at the end of Buy Nothing New Month.
Did you know that at the start, Fairfax ran a poll in their Business section about Buy Nothing New Month? They asked what people thought of Buy Nothing New Month. Over 10,000 people responded. 82% said it was a good thing, they’d give it a go.

We hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves and we’d love to hear any ideas you’ve had for next year on how the pledging community can get more out of the experience. Your thoughts and input are valuable. Tell us your highs and lows, we’d love to hear ’em. Continue reading “Happy Wednesday”